You've Got Mail

Except I don't.
I call this photograph: Sunlight reflecting off of the emptiness. Deep, right?

Check out that echoing mailbox. You know what I found in there yesterday? A flyer. The day before that? An advertisement. Not one single letter. I pinky promise I will write you back when Shari sends me stamps (Got that, mom? Send some stamps, please. In a stamped envelope. #stampception)! And don't be fooled by the size of the slot; packages still get to me by way of the campus post office. Feel free to send me hugs in a box. Or Swedish fish. I'm flexible, really. 

Taylor Arceneaux
316 Cate Center Drive
Box #4949
Norman, OK 73072
 Real life: Any sort of mail would make A Very Lucky Girl's day. 


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