Thursday, August 23, 2012

Know Your Worth

Up until about the beginning of March I struggled a lot with knowing what I was worth. I didn't feel valuable unless I had a guy chasing after me. But said guy was never chasing after me for the right reasons. 
My last post about this topic may have come across a little more harshly than I intended. So let me preface by saying that I am blessed to know some exceptional men. My dad, Tyler, and Conner, to name a few. I know that they honor and respect the women in their lives and I admire them for that. 

But there are far too many guys that take advantage of a girl's need to feel wanted. Some of them are currently victimizing my friends and I cannot stand that. My friends are gems and I hate to see them settling for dingy rocks. I want them to hold out for a guy that will polish them, make them sparkle and not settle for the boy that doesn't think twice about their feelings. 

A Very Lucky Girl's friends deserve so much more, but they have to recognize that before they can receive it. 

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