Sharbear: XX Years Young

You think I was gonna take that bullet and plaster her age across the Internets for all to see? You've got jokes! Shari Nelson Arceneaux, my beautiful mother, is XX today. And yes, I do mean 20 in roman numerals. Born August 7 to William and Sharon Nelson, Shari flourished as she grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, attending high school with her future husband, Paul Arceneaux (one of these days I'll blog about that volatile high school relationship. You'll read in rapt attention). She graduated and moved to the land of the horned frogs, Fort Worth, Texas, to study nursing at Texas Christian University and join the Delta Delta Delta sorority chapter. Unlike myself, she spent all four years of college in Texas heat and went on to have a successful career in nursing in several states nationwide. She's faithfully followed my father in every move our family had to make, keeping her complaints to herself or behind closed doors. She's reared two decent kids (we're works in progress), cooked countless DELICIOUS meals, and washed numerous loads of laundry. She's a selfless servant and a fervent friend. She's everything that I want to be.

It seems that each year that passes brings us closer in the "friends" relationship. Or maybe it's the plethora of hard life experiences that we've had together. Either way, I'm blessed to call her mom. I find myself sharing more of my thoughts with her as we both grow older. She accepts me as a treasured daughter despite my many failures (remember that one time I dropped the f-bomb in front of you, Mom? #yikes) and encourages me to achieve what I desire. 

Some people say I look like her...I can only dream of looking as she does one day. Seriously y'all, I've got a hot mom. So hot, in fact, that she recently got ID'd for a glass of wine at Mimi's Cafe whilst lunching with my grandmother. She laughed at the ridiculousness, but the waitress "let it slide" when Shari couldn't find her license, swearing up and down that she was over 40. We don't believe you, Sharbear. 

Happy XX Birthday to my wonderful mother. You don't look a day over 20. But really, you obviously don't. 


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