Ticket to the World

"Renew Passport." That sticky note graced my shelf for the entire summer. It hung over my head like a bad hangover (see what I did there?) so I finally got around to it a few days ago. And of course, by that time, it had expired. 
I gathered all the documents I needed and had my pictures taken at the local Walgreens. I think it's an unwritten Murphy's Law that all legal photos have to be horrible. Ready for this mugshot?

I promise, I'm only under the influence of nail polish remover fumes. I had just repainted my nails. Nevertheless, that picture gets to serve me for the next 10 years. Womp womp. I reluctantly drove to the Edmond Community Center and almost turned around and vowed to never leave the country when I saw that it was the same place as the DPS/DMV office (I always get those mixed up. Anyone know the difference?). I still have vivid nightmarish memories about trying to get an Oklahoma driver's license following our move.
I approached the door, gearing up for the certain eclectic mix of humanity sure to surround me in mere minutes. 
"Passports this way" pointed me in the opposite direction of the DPS/DMV. My inner Lizzie McGuire character (remember her?) did a little dance and I rounded the corner in high spirits. I spent 30 minutes tops filling out painless paperwork and solemnly swearing to the county clerk that yes, unfortunately, that is me in that photo. 
But in 6 weeks A Very Lucky Girl could jet off to Italy. In theory. 


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