That's the number of Facebook "friends" that I currently have. I've chopped it down a LOT. It used to be over 1100. In fact, it may have even been 1111 at one point, because I remember trying to keep it that way for a while. Did I mention I have too much time on my hands? Did I also mention that it's three am and I can't sleep? I hate being awake right now, but I figured I might as well blog. 

Anyway, back to the 971. It is dwindling everyday because I heard this genius idea from a friend a few months back. Everyday Mark Zuckerberg kindly informs me, in the upper right hand corner of my news feed, of all of my friends that were born on said day. And everyday, if wishing them a Happy Birthday would be awkward for one, or both, of us, I delete them. It's nothing personal; in fact, you should feel blessed that A Very Lucky Girl is no longer creeping on your life and judging you based on your timeline. Because I unashamedly do that sometimes. 


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