I saw one of the most uninformed and ignorant tweets on my feed last Monday afternoon. It honestly made my blood boil and I had to refrain from going off on the boy's literal DUMB ass. The gist of the tweet was: America should just do away with all pills in general and rely solely on the use of medical marijuana and natural remedies because it's much safer. 
Excuse me? 
For me, personally, the idea is ludicrous. The manufactured drugs I take multiple times daily honestly keep. me. alive. Unfortunately, getting high isn't going to prolong anyone's life span when they are seriously ill. While medical marijuana may have pain killing benefits for those suffering from diseases like cancer, I'm no medical expert, but I think chemotherapy and radiation are far more adept at combatting the root of such illness. 
I'm not sure where his thoughtless tweet stems from, but it's certainly not from a place of knowledge or experience. A Very Lucky Girl will continue to take the steroids and artificial hormones which make for a healthy lifestyle, guilt free. Keep your uninformed thoughts to yourself, please. 


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