I wholeheartedly blame BayLeaf Baptist Church for ruining all other places of worship. I loved BayLeaf. I still love BayLeaf. If I could fly back every Sunday to attend, I would. It's the most genuine place I've ever been. It's small enough for people to know your name and, when I was growing up, it had the best youth program. I can't speak for it now that Justin is no longer there, but I'm sure it's still pretty fantastic. 
And now I'm older and have gone to several churches since leaving the safety and comfort of BayLeaf, but I still am looking for the environment I felt when I walked into the red-carpeted sanctuary. 
So when I visited my dad in Houston, I opted out of going to First Baptist with him. I don't want to get lost in another church. So I decided Joel Osteen's pad was the place for me! Just kidding, I actually can't stand him. We can talk about that issue another time. 
Instead, I attended New Song Fellowship on an invitation from my elementary school friend. I think there were 50 people max in the movie theater congregation and they were all so incredibly friendly! 
With two Starbucks stores only a few yards away, I think New Song will make a great Houston church home for A Very Lucky Girl. 


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