Falling for Fall

I might be jumping the gun considering it's still high 90s in Oklahoma (and Houston) and September has barely begun, but the season of autumn is near and dear to my heart. As are the other three seasons. They all have wonderful things to offer; moments I forget about until I remember why I hate the current season (summer is too hot and I'm sick of sweating in my cute clothes). But FALL. Fall is full of promise. At least for now.
  1. Candy corn. I snuck some into my cart at Walmart the other day. It was actually still August when this occurred. But it's never too soon to sink your teeth into a waxy corn substitute, amiright?
  2. October 3rd, National Mean Girls Day, is only weeks away. If you ask me what day it is you can't sit with us. 
  3. The trees rain crunchy leaves that snap satisfyingly underneath my Uggs. I seriously will never stop wearing Uggs no matter how much of a fashion faux pas it makes me. IT'S LIKE WEARING SOCKS WITH SOLES.
  4. Halloween approaches rapidly. Still searching for the best couples costume for Tyler and I. Suggestions are welcome. Princess Peach and Mario? Miley Cyrus and Liam? I'd have to stop doing squats to make that work. Kate Middleton and Will? A couple of college kids who bought cheap stuff from Goodwill and threw something together? We'd nail the last one.
  5. I'm settling into the school routine. Post-its adorn my bookshelf with assignments scrawled across them and my books are lined up in a pristine row, always ready for an outing to class. 
  6. The sun is setting earlier, making it less embarrassing when I am ready for bed at 9:30 or 10. 
  7. Since I'm wearing pants more often, my razor gets a break. Save money, grow your hair out. Extra warmth for your legs, and extra money for your jeans pocket. It's a win-win for everyone but Tyler. 
  8. Sweatpants are arguably the most comfortable item of clothing I've ever worn. It's been too hot to wear them anywhere other than in my room (I keep it at a balmy just above freezing because I CAN), but soon I'll be able to sport them everywhere. In a box. With some lox. Wearing socks. 
  9. In the very near future, I'll no longer cringe at the idea of running outside. Nothing beats cool air in your lungs while Miley insists you can't stop and you won't stop. 
  10. The second Hunger Games movie premieres in November. I'll be there, wishing I was Katniss. 
All of the above to say, as I've said before, all good things come to an end. Even summer. But I'm hoping fall will be even better for A Very Lucky Girl. 


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