I have a new address. A new place with which to answer the question, "So, where are you from?" Houston is my new home. 
My dad and I moved into the new house over the Labor Day weekend. It's in a great location, close to countless yummy places to eat (I think I gained 10 pounds in 3 days), and also near a great running park (in order to counteract those yummy eateries). Houston is only about an hour and a half away from Beaumont, so I'm looking forward to being so close to Moriah over Christmas break and summer. My elementary school friend, Nick (except now he's Mathison and I keep getting it wrong!), will graduate from Rice in May and he introduced me to a great new church I'm looking forward to attending more often when I come home. 
There's a lot of looking forward going on. I can't change the events that brought me to Houston. They are in the past. But over the years and moves, I've become a pro at making the most of where I am, physically and emotionally. 
Not everyone gets to partake in a glass of wine with their seventh grade Earth Science teacher, but since Robin lives only 20 minutes away from me, I got a special treat on Sunday night. Catching up with Robin and playing with her daughter, Cora, is something else I get to look forward since I am now a Houston dweller. 
Trips to IKEA, the Galleria, and The Container Store will only be minutes away when I come home to Nolda street. 
A big city like Houston is bursting with opportunity and I plan to forage for internships and the like to fill my summer hours. 
I'll become a badass driver after navigating I-10 and the surrounding highways in the middle of traffic. I'll polish my cooking skills making dinner with my dad and I'll become even more self-sufficient than I already am (if it's possible...). 
October 10th can't come soon enough...Get A Very Lucky Girl back to Houston already! 


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