Orange is the New Black. Let's all thank Netflix for this beautiful show they offer. 
*moment of silence*
Seriously, I started watching this show one Friday evening this semester and finished it the immediate following Saturday evening. I watched 13 one hour episodes in a 24 hour period.

Part of the beauty of this series is the real-ness of the women. I don't think anyone was asked to "slim down" for this role. I think the actresses came into filming, just as they are, and were chosen because of who they are. Because that's how you get to prison. Because of how you're behaving. Or because of how the justice system has failed. Prison is an imperfect place filled with imperfect people. And the world itself is an imperfect place with imperfect people who commit crimes against humanity daily. They just aren't illegal. Pride, envy, gluttony--those are some of mine. But my talent doesn't come from me, though I'd like to think so. I have wonderful blessings and shouldn't compare my possessions or opportunities to others. And it's really not good for me to eat the entire bag of candy corn in one sitting but sometimes life just calls for it.

Piper Kerman is a very relatable character, not just based on her skin color and social class. A sense of injustice and helplessness would attack any woman living in such a place and I felt it just by watching. I was horrified at the harsh realities of prison life. I was furious with the inhumane actions of the guards. The entire show, and now the wonderful book, makes me want to march for prison reform. Because prisoners are people. And people don't deserve to be treated like animals. 

Can 2014 be here already? A Very Lucky Girl needs season 2!


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