Jobs on Jobs

Just one, actually. A new one! I am an officially employed member of the Sandy Beaches team. I quit my position at Fuzzy's because I decided life is too short to work until 4 in the morning every weekend.  I was looking for nearly a month before I found a great new challenge in Sandy Beaches. I've never worked at a tanning salon before so I constantly feel a little mentally slow when trying to finagle the computer and speak the lingo. Low, bronze, premium, and 360 beds were all the same to me until I started a week ago. Now I can tell you how long you should spend in each bed, the difference between a maximizer and a bronzer, and sign you up for a monthly membership (only after five phone calls to another coworker to make sure I'm typing in the correct codes, of course). 
I was terrified to close by myself the first time, but I managed and feel more confident now since the initial lone shift is complete! 
I'm looking forward to camaraderie with new people and steady paychecks. The late nights of cleaning up vomit and smeared queso are in the past, A Very Lucky Girl has moved on to greener pastures and sandy beaches!


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