Fight Club

Conflicts are not my forte; I don't like feeling at odds with another human being. But I've learned through the years that relationships grow through disagreement. I found a journal entry from about a year ago documenting one of my first fights with Tyler. After all was said and done, I ended with, "I love solving problems with him."
Because I do love the aftermath of a good fight. Whether with a significant other or a friend, conflict makes for furthered communication. LifeChurch taught on disagreement during their marriage series last summer and I took away a big lesson from it, despite being unmarried. I should never fight to WIN, I should fight to RESOLVE. I should fight for a relationship, not for the upper hand. Pride often makes me want to be RIGHT. But being right isn't the point, being reconciled is a far greater goal. 
Conflict is healthy. It indicates growth and personality. I am never, ever going to agree with everyone about everything. It's just not possible. Some people like Miley Cryus' new butt-baring stage of life, and I disagree. But that's okay! 
In all circumstances, A Very Lucky Girl strives to listen and be heard. 


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