Kit Kats: Give Me A Break

I seriously have not been unstressed since 2012. I have felt lately like I cannot catch a break ever. I can't remember the last time my face was zit free, because I'm constantly anxious about everything. 
  • On the way to Houston last Friday, I stopped in Madisonville at Bucee's to fill up Carson's gas tank. For those of you uninformed, Carson is my Toyota Matrix, aptly named because "he's a car, son!" *insert gangster hand signs here*. I was about an hour and a half from Houston, and I distractedly locked my wallet, phone, and keys in the car. So I wasted an hour hanging out near Texas' cleanest restrooms with some very nice people, waiting on AAA and my grimy locksmith savior. 
  • Once in Houston, several instances went south. The Wifi didn't work as it was supposed to, my blinds came crashing down, just missing my head, when I tried to adjust the sunlight blazing through my window, the angle of the garage was a little tight and as I tried to miss the Porsche on the left, I scraped Carson's right against the house, and, finally, I realized the tag on Carson had expired in March. MARCH. Apparently renewing a car tag wasn't high on Oakes' priority list and the oversight resulted in heavy late fees. 
  • Did I mention I still don't have a job and I've applied countless places?
  • As I drove away from Houston I discovered I left my computer charger sitting on my bedroom floor and I realized I had given an incorrect address for my new car tag. 
  • And lastly, for now (I'm sure something else terrible and inconvenient is waiting in the wings), I approached Carson yesterday afternoon to discover he was saggin'. He certainly has a lot of swag, but this sag was focused solely on the back left. Like my chest, this tire was F-L-A-T. After another call to AAA (that's two in less than a week for those keeping score at home), a visit from a tow truck, and a trip to Hibdon tires, I learned poor Carson got screwed. Shoutout to Hibdon for patching the screw hole in less than half an hour!
Now, I'm fully aware that life can always, always be worse. Trust me, I've had my worst nightmares realized, more so this year than ever before. It's wonderful I locked my keys in my car at a place other than 7-11 and not at midnight. I'm blessed to OWN a car, even with a flat tire and a scrape mark, and a computer, even without a charge. The point of this complaint-ridden post is to illustrate my recent lack of trust in a God that is supposedly bigger than all of these worldly troubles. I don't trust Him to control my life because He's done a pretty shit crappy job of it lately. A Very Lucky Girl isn't in to "being tested" or whatever life's been doing. It's shady. 


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