Remembering 9/11 on 9/12

Because really, it shouldn't ever be forgotten. No matter what calendar day it is. 12 years ago I was in the fourth grade in Mrs. Robertson's class. My biggest fear was the cafeteria running out of cupcakes on cupcake day.
But on this day, the carpool line for school pick-up was a little bit more frantic. On this day, my parents were more somber. I remember gathering in the living room of our white-painted Raleigh home, and hearing two announcements. First, our Tennessee home had finally sold and, as promised, we were going out to celebrate. Second, some bad people had crashed into important buildings in NYC and were attacking the government of the United States of America. I listened, not fully understanding (do I even understand now?), and innocently asked, "But our house is white like The White House, are they going to crash into our house?" 
I was honored to be a part of the Sigma Alpha Lambda flag project on the South Oval yesterday. We pressed flags into the ground in honor of the Americans we lost on September 11, 2001. We handed out flags to passerby and invited them to stake their own claim in the ground in remembrance. Most people took us up on our offer, but some hurried on. 
No time for America? Brave people made time for stranger Americans 12 years ago and some lost their lives in the process. 
Despite clashing political opinions, America is united in the protection of her own. So the WomanCrushWednesday of A Very Lucky Girl went out to The Statue of Liberty, standing for the unity we all experienced 12 years ago. 


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