All Good Things Must Come to an End

And fortunately, so do all bad things. This semester reigns as the worst semester of my college career. Too many emotions for one 20 year old girl to handle with aplomb. Dead week is almost over and finals finally begin next week. I'll be OKC bound for the summer on Tuesday. 6 more nights. 
To wrap up this academic semester, I had a few thoughts. First and foremost, S/O to everyone who thinks their major is harder than everyone else's. Everybody is busy. Especially this time of year. Your busyness is not special. I'll be happy to empathize with anyone, but don't expect sympathy from me. Prioritize your time; it will amaze you how you can fit school AND play into your schedule. #mindblown.
I've heard dead week referred to as "I wish I was dead week," but I personally have had an excellent past few days. 
  1. Puppies visited the South Oval. There was a crowd around them all day long, but I managed to cuddle with two precious babies. I now have a serious case of puppy fever.
  2. I had my very last math class of my life EVER. Peace out numbers, no one likes you.
  3. The Strategies for Success class that I TA'd for this semester partook in pizza and a board game for our final meeting.
  4. I got snowcones TWICE on Tuesday. Crybaby with sour spray. I'm about ready for another.
  5. Literary and Cultural Studies is a detestable English class. Our last class of the semester was on Wednesday and Dan let us out about 45 minutes early. Party on. I made a beeline for the puppies, but they were gone. I took a heartbroken nap instead.
  6. In my final British Literature class, Dr. Lee gave us the option of discussing Bleak House for the millionth time or completing a mystery assignment. The unadventurous nerds in our class clamored for discussion, but the rest of us chose the unknown evil. We were victorious. She slipped a sheet of paper onto the projector that read "eat cupcakes, cookies, and whoopie pies." So I then got to devour a cupcake and tell her which reading assignments I hated. 
  7. I had a wonderful dinner date with my name buddy Taylor. We had an Expository writing class together fall of freshman year and I love that we had a class this semester and will have another together in the fall! Friends make my heart happy. We also may or may not have raced on the giant blow up dinosaur obstacle course that graced South Oval on Tuesday afternoon.
  8. I have a lunch date in a few hours with a student that was in my Gateway class last semester. I'm so excited to catch up with Diana!
Two papers and three finals stand in between A Very Lucky Girl and summer. Bout to dropkick Spring 2013 to the curb. 


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