It seems fitting that the 5th phone I will ever own will be the iPhone 5, courtesy of my wonderfully amazing father, Paul Arceneaux. 
talk about being A Very Lucky Girl...
If all goes according to plan, my new technology should arrive in Oklahoma City TODAY. And then it should enter my life the next weekend when I go home to spend time with my grandparents. So...less than 10 days? I can handle that! 

It's been a long road to this day in Taylor history. I was one of the few (the proud?) that lacked a cellular device all throughout middle school and even freshman year! Who remembers that HOME PHONES have speed dial? The deal I made with Paul and Sharbear aided in my achievement of all A's (barely-damn geometry with Mrs. Kucik!) to kick start high school. The move to Beaumont and my stellar grades culminated in...
The red one. Sharbear took one for the team and claimed the brown model. I don't recommend TMobile to anyone, by the way. But I do recommend an unlimited texting plan. I had a limit for the first month but Paul quickly realized that wouldn't work with my budding social life (I'm sure it was a little push to make new friends in Texas, as well). 

That trusty red flip phone served me well for 2 years, never requiring the protection of a case. I became adept at texting without looking at the keys and Sharbear would gaze in wonderment as she painstakingly picked out the letters for her messages. Paul and Sharbear came home from Oklahoma after accepting the job at Heritage Hall bearing new phones for me and for Oakes. 
This time, his was red. A new state, a new phone, a new At&T plan; I could take on the world. Flipping the keyboard in and out was a favorite past time. And the touch screen was utterly enthralling. Graduation rolled around and, after enviously lusting after everyone else's iPhones all year, I could call one my own. 
This baby was only mine for a few months until Sharbear graciously gave up her own upgrade to allow me access to the iPhone 4. That's a true selfless mother. I gladly traded but, as I covered previously here, promptly shattered the fragile back mere weeks later. 
My current phone is healthier looking than the above, but it's comforting to know that others on Google images share my sorrow. Two years later and the promise of the iPhone 5 is tantalizing. I already ordered a safe haven for the newest precious connection device, so now all A Very Lucky Girl must do is wait. 


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