Itching to Share

I spent Labor Day weekend relaxing at home in Oklahoma City. I didn't feel well prior to Shari's arriving to scoop me up from school. But after an uber nutritious meal from Slim Chicken's and conversation with mom, my throat was mysteriously un-sore. I clearly needed more time to convalesce so I lounged around with Beignet for the rest of the weekend. 

Tyler drove up on Sunday to attend church with me (I love when he does that) and then hung out with me and my family for the rest of the day (I like when he does that, too). As we were preparing to leave on Sunday night I asked Shari to French braid my hair because my fingers are too clumsy for something so intricate. She obliged, even finishing up with a back massage! (my mom is better than yours), and I started giggling helplessly when she told me to correct my posture. Except she used a different phrase. I'm not allowed to repeat it or else I would share it with you. As I reached for my phone to share Sharbear's hysterical words with the twittersphere (she even has her own hashtag: #sharbearquotes), she launched herself off of the chair and tackled me on the living room floor. I wrangled myself away, unharmed, but she needed a band aid after trying to fight me. Sowwy, Mommy, you're just so funny!

Tackled by a cheerleader. I guess they bleed easy. 
No need to call Child Protection Services, A Very Lucky Girl escaped unscathed. But feel free to maybe encourage Sharbear to stop being so touchy about my repeating her hilarious catchphrases. ;)


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