Actions in a Megaphone

Who knew that "Beowulf" could house so much modern wisdom? I applied yet another line from the dragon-infested tale to my own life.
"Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things: what's said and what's done." Lines 287-289
I talk about what I want to do with my life often. I've done nothing to accomplish these long-term goals. 

"I want to study abroad."
Okay, then do it! What do I need to do first? Where do I want to go? Who should I talk to? I finally put some action behind my wishes and signed up for an informational meeting on September 20th, after deciding that somewhere in the United Kingdom would be the best bet for furnishing my English Literature degree.

"I want to be an editor. I think."
Okay, well what does that require? How do I find out if that's even something I want to do forever? I had a brainstorm the other day and ah-ha! the Writing Center! I emailed them a few days ago inquiring about any sort of job, volunteer or otherwise. What better way to discover if editing is in my future?
Google is a good place to start, too. My google search history may or may not say "how do I get into the publishing/editing business?"

I can run my mouth about a dream all day long, but it'll only stay a dream if that's all I do. I don't want my life story to be a drama, filled with endless conversations. I'd rather star in a blockbuster showcasing "A Very Lucky Girl of Action".


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