That Would Never Happen To Me

During my Health and Exercise Science class the other day our teacher was on a smoking rant. The current riveting slides were covering lung cancer. She asked, "why do you think it won't happen to you?"

Why? Where does our invincibility complex come from? Why do people sleep around and think they won't get STD's? Why do people have unprotected sex and think babies won't happen? Why do some people drink everyday and think they won't become dependent on alcohol?

Because that's what AIDS victims thought. That's what teen mothers originally planned on. That's what people in rehab were sure would never happen to them. To others maybe, but never to them. Never to US. 

The truth is, we are just as susceptible to unfortunate things as the next person. So take precautions. Live boundlessly, but not riskily. It's not worth it.

A Very Lucky Girl (and her passionate HES teacher) says don't smoke. 


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