Boomer Sooner

bathroom pics
Jew party, what?
College is the single best thing to have ever happened to me.
I am SO blessed with parents that work hard to make an excellent education accessible for me. I wish college was a full-time job, I love everything about it.
I love my classes, I love meeting new people everyday, and I especially love this environment of striving for success. 
Febreeze wars
gingerbread house party
Hey, mom and dad, this is my official thank-you. It means a lot that you would invest so much in my dreams. 
Horned Frog dance parties
boomer sooner football
Remember wanting high school to fly by? My opinion of college is vastly different. I want these next 3 years to slow down and take their time. 
general silliness
sisters <>
I used to hate being a part of the class of 2015 instead of my original status in the graduating class of 2014, but I wouldn't be ready to leave here in 2 years. I need that extra year to figure out my life and I'm extra thankful to Paul and Shari for allowing me that opportunity. 
sleepovers on sleepovers

Sophomore year is underway and I'm a Very grateful Lucky Girl. 

Shoutout to the pictures for stubbornly assuming positions of fail even after a plethora of arrangement attempts.


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