"I deserved it more than he did." "He deserved it more than she did." Entitlement was the name of the game in Bachelor Pad's grand finale on Monday night. $250,000 was up for grabs and each player thought they deserved it more than another. None of them DESERVED the money. They are regular people like the rest of the world. They got lucky enough to be cast in a show that sees fit to dole out half a million every year to one of twenty-five sluts.

If anyone DESERVES that money...it's the families that were immediately effected by the tragedy that occurred eleven years ago. The one that altered America, and New York City's skyline, forever. It seems petty to witness the irrational twitter fights that broke out all over my timeline today, a day that should have been reserved and observed. So you lost out on $250,000. Did you lose LIFE?

A Very Lucky Girl and America should never forget. 


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