Freshmen Lovin'

"I'm a an extremely appropriate way" said I as I lounged across the couch in Savannah's triangular office on Monday. I couldn't contain my excitement about the relationships I get to build with new students.

Hi guyz, my name is Taylor and I'm obsessed with this year's freshmen class at OU. I love being able to be a mentor of sorts: to my Gateway class, my freshmen friends, and strangers that I meet at the Caf or the Union.

I remember my dad telling me, "the best way to have a conversation is to ask someone about themselves. People love to talk about themselves, it's human nature." Paul never ceases to be right. Except for, of course, when he's wrong.

I applied to be a TA for the next two semesters and I am absolutely adoring every second of it so far. My class is so great, especially considering that it's at 8:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thankfully, it's full of morning people (or people that are really good at faking it) that spout one-liners guaranteed to have me in fits of giggles for the rest of the day. My personal favorite so far was compliments of a young gentleman on the football team. During a general time of questions he genuinely asked, "So when do you meet your wife? Cuz I hear that happens here." Give yourself some time, kid. You've been at school for about 3 weeks.

The Caf and the Union are full to overflowing at prime lunch and dinner times so twice I've had a stranger sit down with me and my meal date (total freshman move, but I admire their audacity!). One night a young lady (that shall remain nameless because I forget it) brought her ChickfilA over to the table I was sharing with Savannah at the Caf. I learned a little bit about her, asking the standard "where are you from? what's your major? where are you living?" questions. She consumed all of her fries during our conversation, even lingering some afterward to continue talking. Then during lunch the other day at the Union (note to self: don't EVER try to actually eat there at 1130) I met Beverly. She invited herself to my table with Olivia, asking, "is it always this crowded?" My freshman radar instantly went off. I repeated the question rigmarole and gleaned that she's an international somethings major from Kansas. It would be hard to find her again on a campus this size but I hope Olivia and I made her lunch a little less lonely. 

Being the newer kids on a campus this size is overwhelming. To have someone remember your face and call out a greeting on the South Oval is a rare occurrence. I remember the new-kid feeling all too well. Heritage Hall, TCU, and OU experiences taught me that freshmen need someone to visibly care about their new adventure. Especially those that are further from the encouragement of home. I can't wait to watch the class of 2016 succeed beyond their expectations. Being privy to the wonder of their first year is a privilege that A Very Lucky Girl won't take for granted. 


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