I factor in naps at every opportunity. Done with class for the day? Naptime. Just finished dinner? Naptime. Stressed out? Naptime.
I don't know what is so satisfying about snippets of sleep during the day. Maybe it's the rush of doing nothing while the world keeps going on around you. Whatever it is, I'm addicted.
I was asked at CRU what national holiday I would add to the already full repertoire. Without missing a beat, I blurted out "National Nap Day!" Obviously. Taylor had the next best thing, Second Christmas. Squeeze that bad boy in between July 4th and Flag Day and everybody wins. You'd never have to wait 365 days for Christmas again! What a concept.
Anyway, back to naps.
I probably use them most as an escape mechanism. Forget vats of alcohol or scores of heroin. Give me a good nap, where homework assignments cease to exist, phone notifications go unnoticed, and all that remains are my covers, my blanket, and me. Anxiety escapes me during REM cycles and I usually wake up ready to attack the world with a renewed zeal. 
Perhaps this love of intermittent sleep prompted my impulse buy of sleep aromatherapy lotion at Bath and Body Works over the weekend. Naps come easily, but the longer commitments to shut-eye aren't as second nature. I try to stick to a strict bedtime of 11 pm at the latest, but it turns out A Very Lucky Girl sometimes has a strange phobia of claiming night sleep. 


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