Last Man Crawling

You know what I've learned in 2013? My "family" sucks. The people who are supposed to always be there for you and make unselfish decisions for the group have quit. Self-centeredness has prevailed.
They've made it clear they don't need me. Or want me. 
S/O to all parents out there: if you're going to reject your kids later in life don't even have them. Because you will ruin their lives. 

It may be the "best" time of their lives, but it is my WORST. And it is never-ending. 
Just when I am trying to find stability in Houston, trusting the one parent who hadn't betrayed me, I discover I can't trust him not to hurt me either. 
6 weeks trumps 21 years? Oh ok. Noted. 

There is no one left and no where to go. Congratulations all, your collective decisions have made me wish I had never been born. 


  1. People are really shitty. I hope it gets better. Find comfort in the relationships you get to choose! I'm thinking about you and praying!


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