Liebster Award

To be honest, I didn't *technically* receive this blogging award since my account is a blogspot and not a wordpress. Gah, blog politics. However, Miranda assured me she tried in vain to nominate averyluckygirl-taylor, so I'm going to bask in the thought and pretend it is legitimate.
This is the part in an award ceremony where they call my name and I accept the nomination with quirky gestures and a quote, becoming instantly gifable and timeless. However, since I am sadly not Jennifer Lawrence, I will merely nod, smile demurely, and write what the nomination requires!

Recipients of the Liebster Award must:
I've essentially answered the 11 random facts about me here, but, being a rule-follower, I will add 11 more recent ones.

  1. I get a pedicure approximately twice a year and then let the polish slowly chip off of my toes over the next 6 months until it's truly horrendous and the second visit to the nail salon is required. This year, for example, it would have been best to look at my feet in February or July in order to experience the freshly-painted look.
  2. I hate wearing bracelets on my right wrist because I'm too used to the feeling of my medical alert bracelet on my left and because it gets in the way of writing and eating. Two activities I very much enjoy. 
  3. I've recently become entranced with greeting cards. Cheesy, heartfelt, or humorous, I don't discriminate and you may find an overpriced folded piece of sturdy paper in your mailbox soon. Don't worry, I deviate from the printed Hallmark script and include my own thoughts as well. 
  4. I am an avid user of social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are far more important to me than I like to admit. 
  5. I use snapchat for its intended purpose: double chin photos.
  6. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a Frozen Bull from Seven47 on Campus Corner in Norman. I'm really going to miss them when I study abroad in the spring. 
  7. On the occasions I do wear make-up, it's only on my eyes. I probably should invest in some other face primping supplies, but I suffer from LCA: Lazy Cosmetic Application. Why spend time on my face when I could spend more time in my bed?
  8. The Valencia Orange Refresher from Starbucks has become my addiction. Even replacing the Java Chip Frappucino; which is a big deal.
  9. I fully endorse Camelbak. You should go get one. This is not an ad, just a firm command in your best interest. 
  10. I never received detention in middle or high school and I feel like I missed out on a Breakfast Club experience. 
  11. I have a hard time picking a "favorite" anything. If you ask me my favorite movie or food, I will typically qualify my response with a top five. I think it stems from an irrational fear that if I say my favorite movie is Titanic then it will be the only movie I will be allowed to watch for the rest of my life. Same with labeling popcorn as my favorite food. What if then I can never devour shrimp pasta!?
Life Measured in Coffee Spoons asked the following questions of her nominees:
    1. What book has changed your life and why?
    The irrational fear of favoriting just rose again. And what if I offend all of the other books so near and dear to my heart? I want to say something educational and lasting like "Great Gatsby" or "Pride and Prejudice", but I take something from every book I devour, even modern novels. Recently, I loved Piper Kerman's "Orange is the New Black" because of the social issues I was introduced to. The justice system is a flawed place, and the book takes the reader into the horrors of prison life. 
    2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
    I want to TRAVEL everywhere. Europe, Australia, Asia...I hope my adult life is one endless adventure. But as for a place to call home? I'd choose North Carolina or Tennessee. Preferably Carolina. Maybe it's the nostalgia, but I think I had some of my happiest days growing up in those two states. I love how decidedly Southern they are and the easy access to new scenery, whether it be mountainous or sandy. 
    3. What is your favorite meal?
    If I knew I were to die after dinner tonight, I would make it a worthy last supper. An appetizer of cheese fries would arrive first. After thoroughly enjoying the bacon-y cheesy goodness, I would make room for the main course of green beans, shrimp pasta, and parmesan breadsticks. For dessert, a buffet of popcorn and lemonheads would satisfy my sweet and salty teeth. 
    4. Why did you start blogging?
    Several instances prompted my entrance to the blogging world. First, a comment on Facebook from my senior year cross-country coach of "have you thought about starting a blog?" on a picture relating to Addison's Disease. Combined with an emotionally tumultuous February 2012 and an excess of time, A Very Lucky Girl was born. 
    5. If your life had a soundtrack, what songs would it include?
    "In A World Like This"-Backstreet Boys
    "Wake Me Up"-Avicii
    "Beautiful Things"-Gungor
    "People Like Us"-Kelly Clarkson
    "Brave"-Sara Bareilles
    "Roar"-Katy Perry
    "Belle's Song"-Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack
    "Life After You"-Daughtry
    6. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
    A whole and healthy family. My dad and I make a pretty damn good one. 
    7. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
    I've recently noticed a excessively critical aspect to my personality after taking the Myers Briggs personality test a few weeks ago. I'm quicker to point out flaws than perfections. If someone handed me a paper to edit, I would only scan it for errors instead of praising what the individual did correctly. I do this to people, too. I would like to change my first instinct to be one of encouragement instead of critique. 
    8. What advice would you give to a new blogger?
    Always write for yourself. Don't write for the following or the page views. Don't write for what people want to read. You have the rest of your life to write for someone else, especially if writing turns into a career. Have you ever seen "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"? Don't write for the Lanas of the world. Write for your own personal growth. Write for the authenticity and honesty of words in black and white. 
    9. What is your idea of a successful life?
    A successful life to me is never stationary or stagnant. I hope to always be growing in myself, loving those around me, and eating at least a level above ramen. Somewhere around Spongebob Mac&Cheese would be acceptable if I never became complacent in my career or my relationships. 
    10. What is your favorite movie that you're afraid to admit is your favorite movie?
    This question is a difficult one to answer, only because I freely admit to my embarrassing likes and dislikes. Beauty and the Beast is the best Disney movie of all time. Titanic is the best drama. All horror movies are the worst movies. Pitch Perfect is a top musical comedy, although Mama Mia is a close second. My partiality to the High School Musical trilogy is probably what I get judged for the most when it comes to my taste in film. Zac Efron needs to get his head in the game and stop soaring and flying on the narcotics. 
    11. Do you have a bucket list? If so, list three items from it. If not, make something up!
    I don't have a physical list, but I have multiple activities I want to complete. Going to California is a goal, and one I will complete with my LA trip in November with my dad. Not having children is another item, and so far it's going splendidly! A third is to complete a full marathon (no walking!). A full marathon in an exotic location would be a bonus. 

    My nominations for the "nonofficial" Liebster award include: Mrs. UtleyMeganCoach Henry, and Conner, four blogspot locations I race to read when there is a new post. 
    My 11 questions for you select four include: 
    1. What is your favorite number and why?
    2. How did you decorate your room growing up and why?
    3. What book do you wish you had never read?
    4. What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet? Why?
    5. Who (non-relative) has had the most impact on your life?
    6. What is/was your favorite college course?
    7. What is your least favorite piece of technology?
    8. If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you prefer?
    9. If you could ask any person in the world one question, who would you interrogate? What would you ask?
    10. Name a point in your life when you've been blissfully happy.
    11. Describe yourself in 6 words or less. 
    You can thank Miranda and the Liebster Award for learning everything you never ever wanted to know about A Very Lucky Girl. 


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