Texas Love (Kinda)

Htown is the best town. Or at least one of the best. As much as I dislike Texas for their disgusting burnt orange team-BOOMER SOONER-I am falling in love with a humid city. The six hour drive is well worth it when I see the skyline appear out of nowhere in my windshield. 
My fall break with my father was far too short, but we crammed all kinds of fun into two short days. He made gumbo a few days ago and I thrived on the leftovers as soon as I arrived. The next morning we set up my membership with him at the gym, settled some bank accounts, and watched "Hope Springs" with Meryl Streep after another meal of gumbo. I give it about 3 stars. Wonderful message about pushing through marriage even when it sucks, but about 8 sex scenes too many. It's Murphey's law: if you are watching a movie with a parent, it will depict uncomfortable, cringe-worthy scenes. 
On Friday night we dined at Black Walnut and headed to the House of Blues for the Bosom Ball, a breast cancer awareness concert featuring Joshua Radin and Matt Nathanson. 
They were both incredible! The same can be said for the two redbull vodkas I drank. 
On Saturday morning I met Robin for breakfast at Corner Bakery (a new favorite) and then ran at Memorial Park with a dad kind enough to slow his pace down for his wimpy daughter. 
We spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, savoring frozen pizza and football. It's 9:43 pm on Saturday night and Texas still sucks. 
I hate to leave Houston. I feel so much better and freer in this city with my dad. I love my new room and my new environment. Oklahoma is too close to the scene of my emotions. If I feel this unencumbered in Houston, Scotland is going to be a snowy, freezing paradise. 
But first, A Very Lucky Girl is counting down the days until home is again on the horizon. 


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