Romantic Inspiration

I have not felt terribly inspired to write lately. I am starting to think I am in over my head with school and work and factoring in time for people. I did not get a single nap last week. This was devastating considering naps are one of the Great Loves of my life. They are my Tad Hamilton. 
I'll just leave this here...
But on Sunday afternoon, I snagged a two hour nap AND was inspired by the greatest onscreen kiss of all time. This kiss was pure poetry and gave me, the viewer, butterflies. I immediately rewound the shot to experience it again. 
Tyler and I are halfway through the second season of New Girl. Because we are so far behind, I knew this moment would eventually occur based on present media, but the advanced knowledge was part of the build up to make this kiss so MAGIC. There was a season and a half of tension between these two and to finally watch it manifest itself in Nick's aggressive first move...GAH. Inspiring. Can I just do everything in my life with the same impulsive decisiveness? This modern romance between Nick and Jess will join the ranks of other timeless sitcom couples such as Ross and Rachel and Marshall and Lily.   I haven't been this emotionally invested in a fictional couple's relationship since Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother
If you need me this week, I'll be rewatching the above scene and planning their wedding in all of my spare time. Just call me A Very Lucky voyeur. 


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