Comfort 101

I realized lately how comfortable Tyler and I are in our relationship. It's honestly amusing. There are several conversations and phrases we say now that would have been taboo on our first date about a year and a half ago.
I was feeling sick the other week and demonstrated for him how much phlegm was in my throat by making a truly heinous noise. Instead of dumping me in disgust, he laughed. 
We never back away from the double chin snapchat and had a contest at lunch the other day to see who could create the most chins. He won and was proud of his victory. 
We confidently yell through the bathroom door mid-pee. The first time he tried to talk to me through the bathroom door I was hesitant: "Wait, you're really doing this? Are we there?" Apparently we were and have been ever since.
He found a quarter in his bed one night and asked, "where did this come from?" I promptly responded, "I poop quarters." Mistake. Whenever he needs change now, he comes to me. 
During a New Girl watch fest, he casually asked, "So, when did you hit puberty?" I answered without much fanfare, a vast difference from what would have occurred during our first date. Think water sputtering. 
While reclining on a bench between classes at OU last Thursday morning, I stuck my legs in Tyler's lap and commanded, "feel how hairy my legs are! I haven't shaved in 7 days!" He readily complied and promptly grimaced. I took that as a cue to get my weed whacker out. 
Some of our mannerisms may have changed from date one, but he still opens the door for me and I still think his Honda Civic is too hot to handle. 
A Very Lucky Girl isn't big on change, but I can live with comfortable ones. 


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