Dreams Bigger than my Budget

I've shared before my dream of studying abroad. On Friday I was informed of my acceptance to the University of Dundee for Spring 2014. I've been saving and saving to make this dream a reality and I'm hoping to make my savings stretch as far as I can. And I am talking geographically.
I'm thrilled to be moving to Dundee, Scotland for a semester, but I'd love to explore as much as Europe as I can while I'm in the vicinity! My location bucket list includes:
  1. Italy: This is my number one, would-pee-with-happiness-if-I-got-to-go, destination. Rome, Venice, Florence. I'd love to do it all, but I'd settle for just Rome. Also, POMPEII, PLEASE. Mount Vesuvius is practically the only thing I remember from middle school history. 
  2. Ireland: This is a far more realistic location, considering it neighbors Scotland. Also, St. Patrick's day will occur while I'm abroad, and where else would I celebrate such a holiday!?
  3. England: I'm coming for you, Prince Hot Ginge! Does Kate need a babysitter?
  4. Spain: Why the hell not
  5. France: I didn't take four semesters of hellish French for nothing. 
  6. Belgium: If my friend Astrid was there it would be the icing on the Dutch cake.
  7. Greece: I'm still bitter I missed out on the St. David's senior trip. I DESERVE SOME GREECE.
  8. Germany: Auschwitz is another dream of mine to visit. I love Holocaust history and probably should be Jewish. 
  9. Austria: the hillls are allliiiiiiiiiiive
  10. Holland: Corrie ten Boom's home
  11. Switzerland: gimme some chocolate
  12. Sweden: The Kirsten American Girl books have made me always want to see this snowy country
Baaasically, I should have started saving money for this trip from birth. But I will try to hit every spot on my list, even if just for a few hours. I've heard there's a three week long spring break during the semester so I plan to travel for every spare second. Even just having the opportunity to stay in Scotland for 5 months is mind-blowing. It's been real, America, but A Very Lucky Girl plans to be A Very Lucky temporary Tourist.


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