The 21 Project

By my expert calculations, my twenty-first birthday is a mere 45 days away. It seems like it's taken a lifetime to get here. Weird how that works, right?
I didn't make it to 21 all by my lonesome though. There are at LEAST 21 people (or pairs/groups of people) that have contributed positively to the person that I am/will be during my 21st year of life. So I plan to highlight them in the next 45 days by posting about a singular person approximately every other day. People you can expect to read about in the next few weeks (in no particular order) include:
  1. Nathan H
  2. Sharbear
  3. Paul
  4. Mimi (and Grandpa Butch)
  5. Mimi and Didi
  6. Aunt Blanche
  7. Katherine and Caroline
  8. Emily B
  9. Megan H and Hannah W
  10. Moriah C
  11. Tyler M
  12. Carra L/Grace J/Sam W/Stasia M
  13. Marianne W
  14. Beignet
  15. Robin C/Jeanett N/Marilyn H/Edna E (and other magnificent teachers)
  16. Justin/Sarah B
  17. Conner G
  18. my ADPi sisters
  19. Natasha A
  20. the brave parents that let me spend time with their kids (several babysitting endeavors)
  21. Savannah F and Susan S
I've been truly privileged to spend time with these individuals in the past 21 years. Although my time with some is less than others because of this terrible thing called moving, they have all made an impact, despite any sort of distance, and A Very Lucky Girl holds them close to her heart. So somewhere around my liver-ish.


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