A Very Broken Girl: Week Six

Don't even ask me about Townsend's book. Please. I've been trekking around Texas this week and it has been WONDERFUL. But it also means that I haven't had (or made) the time to read his words. 

But I'm still working through the words of Jesus and this week focuses on "Love does not dishonor others." I actually got out my handy dandy dictionary app to see what the complete definition of "dishonor" is because when I think dishonor, all I can think is: 
The definition in my head had more to do with "do not insult" others, which is partially true. But it means even more than that. I can dishonor somebody by having a poor reputation. If I have a poor reputation, then the people that associate themselves with me are disgraced. It was enlightening to learn that love is more than being kind and not hurting others. Love is about recognizing that my decisions have an impact on my immediate world. Love is a lifestyle. 

A Very Lucky Girl desires to bring honor! Honor on your whole family! Honor on you, honor on your cow!


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