Katherine and Caroline

I hope it's not cheating to combine two people in one post and pass it off as one person. I cannot narrow the influential people in my life to only 21 measly individuals.
Katherine and Caroline Nelson are my two blood cousins and I absolutely love them both.
Katherine is 6 months younger than me, but about 2 feet shorter, while Caroline is about 2 years younger than me, but probably 2 feet taller.
They both live in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in America, but I don't get to visit them nearly as much as I'd like.
Of course, now that I have my own set of wheels I can change that pretty quickly. I'm hoping to hug both of their necks in early July at a family reunion in Illinois. 
They both have dreams in the medical field, majoring in that crazy Biology subject. I got a 1 on the AP Biology exam so unfortunately those science smarts don't run in the family.
I go through spurts of time with both of them where we will talk often, and then others where there is no contact.
But they are both the kinds of cousins and friends that I can pick up a relationship with at anytime and, though we as individuals have changed, our connection does not. A Very Lucky Girl couldn't ask for better built-in friends.


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