My Favorite Game

I have three favorite drinking games that I want to share with you. Obviously, when I say "drinking" I'm referring to water or sparkling grape juice since I'm not yet 21 (48 days--not counting or anything). First, the Bachelor/Bachelorette drinking game. Savannah helped come up with the rules for this one and they are as follows:
  1. Sip every time someone says "journey" or "amazing"
  2. Finish your drink if a contestant insists they aren't here to make friends
  3. Sip for every tear you see
  4. Gulp for every cheesy metaphor (i.e. "hiking up a mountain is like falling in love")
  5. Sip every time the main character references their previous season or relationships
  6. Sip for every rose handed out
You get the picture and probably can add your own rules. Making them specific to a season is even more fun (i.e. for Emily Maynard's season we added drinking every time she referenced her deceased fiance or her daughter).

My all-time favorite television show is Friends. I own every single season and my collection is probably the first thing I would grab in the event of a fire. So this game has been thought out even better:
  1. Sip every time Monica cleans 
  2. Sip every time Ross gazes longingly at Rachel
  3. Sip every time they see ugly naked guy
  4. Gulp every time a character drinks at the coffee house
  5. Take a shot every time Joey says "how you doin'"
  6. Sip every time a female character forgets to wear a bra. #nips
  7. Gulp every time Phoebe sings
  8. Take a shot every time Ross talks about science/dinosaurs
  9. Finish your drink whenever Ross says "WE WERE ON A BREAK."
Finally, Tyler, Megan, and I recently invented a Phase 10 drinking game. This one is so new that it's fairly underdeveloped so I would welcome any additions!
  1. If you get skipped, you drink
  2. If you lay down your phase first, you assign a player to drink
  3. However many wilds you have in previously said phase, you drink for each one
  4. However many cards you have in your hand at the end of each round, you drink for each one
A Very Lucky Girl is ready to play. Whose got Capri Sun?


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