Restoration Begins With US.

I'm sure most of you know by now that an F4 tornado ripped through the city of Moore, Oklahoma, approximately 15-20 miles south of me and my family yesterday afternoon. I feel almost guilty to have a safe family and an intact house. It's devastatingly hard to find words to cover such a tragedy. People have endless opinions and voice them without thinking (i.e. Westboro Baptist...) and right now words aren't the answer for Moore and the surrounding areas. 

It has never been truer that Actions speak so much louder than any condolences. Prayer is important, don't discount that in what I'm saying. But words aren't going to  bring back the perished people. Words aren't going to clean up the damage. 
If you're like me you might be broke as a joke. Kevin Durant just pledged 1 million dollars to the relief efforts, how am I supposed to compete with that? 
But my measly $25 to the relief and restoration fund at Lifechurch will certainly be something. And a text to the Redcross to donate $10 is just as powerful. Once this confounded rain stops and the search and rescue is complete, A Very Lucky Girl may be able to offer some physical volunteer efforts to the Moore area.  


  1. Small gestures, delivered with great love, can heal and rebuild. I am confident in this reality, Taylor. Thanks for prompting us all to put action behind our heartache.


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