SBXIII Day Two: ShipShape

The thing about inner staterooms on board a ship is that they are extra dark. It could be 3 PM and it's as dark as if it were 3 AM. So on Monday morning I woke up well-rested around 9:30 AM and immediately scouted out a lounge chair in a sunny corner of Deck 11. I regret to inform you that I did not don any sunscreen on this day....which in hindsight was a poor decision, especially considering I spent approximately 5 hours laying out. I do this every year. Foregoing sunscreen for the inaugural tan time, but then religiously applying SPF 4 for the remainder of the trip. During one of those sun soaked hours on deck a busybody chair neighbor pointed out my jewelry: "I notice you have a medical alert bracelet on, what's wrong with you?" Several things actually, sir....Are we talking mentally? Physically? Emotionally? Narrow your nosiness, if you please.
I stealthily crept away from the gentleman and continued to furiously read the novel Sharbear supplied me with before my departure. "Catch Me", a thriller by Lisa Gardner, hooked me for all 455 pages and I turned the last leaf in awe before 2:15 on Monday. 
I caught up with some of the boys to eat lunch in the Windjammer Cafe buffet and learned that nearly everyone had worked out that morning in the ShipShape Center. Not to be outdone, I succumbed to positive peer pressure and headed for the exercise facilities. There are worse things than treadmills that overlook the ocean. 
For dinner in the Top Hat and Tails dining room I ordered the Caesar salad and the Manhattan strip steak. Adventure and I are just synonymous. Remembering the mango/Peep incident from the night before, I stuck with the Chocolate Sensation for dessert. 
Following dinner we attended the show of a musical comedian who begged the question, "people all over the world right here get along for 7 days, why can't we do that all the time?"
Well, for one, everyone on that cruise was sufficiently well-fed and well-relaxed, but unfortunately Spring Break can't last the rest of your life. 
A young old lady broad sat behind us during the show and was very...interactive. Probably because she was slightly inebriated trashed. She shouted out her name (Colleen) and her hometown (New Jersey) and had a response for all of the rhetorical questions that Scott Record asked of his audience. 
Royal Caribbean should hire her for their next cruise. 
A Very Lucky Girl fell into bed on Monday night, anxious to arrive in Cozumel the next morning for a promised swim with dolphins, courtesy of my sweet boyfriend. 


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