SBXIII Day Seven: The Last Supper

The final day was upon me. I woke up to no alarm and a last breakfast of bacon and sourdough rolls. A stranger in the Windjammer mistook me for a high schooler (typical) and I quickly corrected him. I read some more Bleak House on Deck 12, while Tyler finished Alter Ego by Craig Groeschel. This was my last shot for the perfect tan to prove that I sprung broke (the past tense of Spring Break) to perfection. 
We alternated between the cold pool and the boiling hot tub, marveling at the water-ception. We were in a vat of water, in the middle of the ocean. Just let that sink in.
I spent several afternoon hours trying to fit all of my clothes back in my suitcase, the hardest game of Tetris I've ever played. It never fails, every vacation I end up with more luggage at the end. I blame it on the shot glasses that I collect from every destination. 
I took a nap, collected my bravery, and ordered two entrees at dinner without shame. In the words of Jesus, this was the last supper and I had to go hard. I downed Caesar Salad, Grilled Chicken, the Manhattan Strip Steak, and a final dessert. Which arrived in the familiar mold that I had grown to hate. 
I caught the last sunset at sea before heading to the farewell comedyshow with Tyler. Guess who sat next to us?
Yeah, I know. Tyler and I exchanged the super secret, "Should we move seats?" glance, but decided to stick it out. Luckily, Colleen was sipping on something non-alcoholic and kept her typical shenanigans to a minimum. 
I fell into bed early to prepare for the hellish debarkation process the next morning. Bright and early on Sunday I stared at the airplane mode icon on my phone, before sliding the button to "off." Immediately, my phone came alive with 69 texts and 108 emails. Wondering how I was so popular? Don't. The texts were from my mom and my best friend. And twitter. 
After finally deboarding The Mariner, Chris and Tyler and I started the long drive back to Oklahoma. Actually, they started the drive. I planted myself in the backseat with Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. 
Fun fact: boys pee more than girls. I know this firsthand because we stopped for bathroom breaks about 4 times and I only peed one of those times. Also, one of those potty breaks was on the side of the road. Not joking. The boys ventured into the roadside trees and did their business. I helpfully offered hand sanitizer upon their return to the car. 
Unfortunately, Bomshel was right when they said that "Spring Break shouldn't last the rest of your life" and it was time for A Very Lucky Girl to get back on the smart girl grind for 6 weeks. 
It really was a wonderful vacation and I was blessed to have Tyler's family invite me with them. Feel free to catch up on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6!


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