Experiment in Happiness

I discovered an incredibly inspiring exercise through my friend Kelky's instagram. I asked her about it and learned that it's her way of recognizing all the good and happy things in life, no matter how small, especially when she feels like the world is pummeling her with hard experiences. 

I've decided to follow her example and create my own list of happiness that I can update consistently. Because as cliche as I sound right now, and as much as I'm making myself cringe, there's little sparkly bits of happiness in a lot of minute details of life. 

Without further ado, My Experiment in Happiness:

  • used books with a stranger's thoughts in the margin
  • random texts when someone is thinking of you
  • Fat Amy
  • days with no plans
  • rainy afternoon naps
  • tie blankets
  • sparkles
  • old pictures
  • handwritten notes
  • mail
  • brown paper packages tied up with string
  • Troy Bolton
  • flawless cinema romance
  • quick wit
  • bold colors
  • the euphoria after finishing a morning run
  • putting my phone on Do-Not-Disturb
Stay tuned for upcoming tidbits of happy; A Very Lucky Girl certainly isn't limiting herself to this minimalist list. 


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