SBXIII Day Four: Georgetown, Cayman Islands

We arrived off the coast of Georgetown, Cayman Islands on Wednesday morning. The Island was so small that there was no dock so tender boats brought us to shore in groups. We set foot in Georgetown around 11 AM, after eating a bacon heap for breakfast and marveling at the miniscule Island, and immediately found a cab to take us to a portion of 7 Mile Beach.
here you can see the water BEHIND the island!
First things first: I hit the bar and ordered my very first mojito. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously one of my favorite drinks I've ever had.
Tyler and I hung out in the waves with his step-family and I wandered back to the bar every so often to take advantage of my legal drinking age. I can vouch for the Cayman Lemonade, a second mojito, and a Cayman Crush that accompanied my lunch. I had sips of Tyler's Caybrew and White Tip beer, and immediately regretted them.
We ate lunch at a water-side cafecalled Paradise where Tyler and Hunter ordered turtle burgers and I chose....wait for fingers. Obviously. If you guessed that correctly, GOLD STAR! I did try a morsel of Hunter's turtle burger, but it didn't taste anything like a real burger so that experience was a letdown.
We shopped around for the last bit of our day in Georgetown where I picked up some gorgeous hand painted shotglasses to add to my collection before boarding the tender to go back to our ocean home for the week. 
I took advantage of the time before dinner to take a nap and then branched out at dinner with an order of Caesar salad, short rib ragu pasta, and Jaffa Cake. Not really sure what Jaffa Cake was exactly, but I ate a few bites. 
I hit up the casino after dinner and won $7.90 on my slot machine! But then I ended up spending a grand total of $8.75 so it turns out that I'm not quite as lucky as I thought (but I am just as clever as we all knew!). 
Tyler and I spent some quality time on Deck 12 while I tried to simultaneously hold my twirly skirt and hair down as the wind ravaged the deck side strollers. 
I wrote in my journal and unashamedly went to bed sometime around midnight and only woke up slightly when my roommate Hunter came in at 4:30 AM. She made me feel like such a grandma the entire cruise. A Very Lucky Girl would not have been able to function with a bedtime like that!


  1. Nice post on Cayman Islands! I love soft drinks, fruit juice and some times a little beer too. I am going to Cayman for the next month only. I am looking for companies that offer Cayman cars for rental. Any suggestions?


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