SBXIII Day Three: Cozumel, Mexico

If you've missed Day One and Day Two, you can catch up!

We docked in Cozumel, Mexico at 8 AM on Tuesday morning, stopping at the first bar we saw in order to partake in a melon ball and strawberry colada before deciding they were best mixed together. Before swimming with the dolphins at Dolphinaris, Tyler and I documented our first international kiss in order to keep our reputation as "cutest couple ever" alive.
At Dolphinaris we interacted with a female dolphin either named Marci or Maci. The accent of our dolphin trainer was imperceptibly thick. We accepted cheek kisses from the M named dolphin while the paparazzi photographers shouted commands to kiss her back. So I can check making out with a female dolphin off of my bucket list. There was a boy in our group that couldn't have been older than 5 that got his first kiss from a dolphin. We also got "belly rides" which Tyler likened to a jet ski ride...Only the real deal, on a dolphin. We were both too cheap to buy pictures and they wouldn't let us take our own, but the dolphin experience was unforgettable.
After souvenir shopping and buying some snazzy yellow sunglasses, we ventured to Senor Frogs for $16 drinks. These weren't just little dainty cocktails. Think giant (like a foot and a half tall) alcoholic slushy. Tyler ordered a senor frog and I chose a red frog. We arrived at the restaurant just in time to participate in the lovely game of "random girl pouring shots down peoples throats trying to empty her bottle faster than her competitor" and to watch a way too old couple take totally inappropriate body shots.
Dinner back on board the Mariner consisted of Caesar salad, garlic soup that I tasted two spoonfuls of before delicately setting it aside, and Garlic Tiger Shrimp that the headwaiter peeled with a flourish that would have taken me ages.
We went to the Savoy Theater that evening to watch the juggling stylings of Matt Henry, including a flying machete, and the comedic rendition of AJ Jamal, whose sketch of a woman peeling yards of unnecessary toilet paper from the roll had me in stitches.
I tumbled into my bed, exhausted, slightly sunburned, but happy. The Cayman Islands awaited A Very Lucky Girl!


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