Great Expectations Can Be Greater

Last year I suffered through British Literature from Beowulf to Paradise Lost and this semester I'm taking the infinitely more interesting second half of the course. This time period of British Literature includes the feminist movement and it has been really interesting to discuss the expectations of females then and now especially since I'm contemplating a Feminist Philosophy class and a Women and Film class for my fall semester.
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It seems as though from the beginning of time women are taught to equate success with marriage to a male counterpart. Disney movies and other romantic films teach young girls that brides are valuable and a worthy goal to strive for. 5 out of the 7 girls in my first grade class dressed up as brides for the Fall Festival one year. One of my old bosses used to ask me consistently if I had a boyfriend and would purse her lips disapprovingly when I answered negatively. Am I not complete with a boyfriend in my life? Was my life "less"?
My Sociology of Family class included a chapter that talked about girls considering themselves adults only after getting married and starting a family. I have older friends that aren't married and have no kids, but they certainly fit my idea of "adult." Marital status does not dictate completion.
I detest the stigma that comes with single women over the age of 35 or 40. Some women may disagree, but marriage is not the ultimate life prize to A Very Lucky Girl. 


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