Wasp Huntin'

I saw a wasp in my room the other day. I've been stung before by the pesky creatures. Five times at once, to be exact. I was running under a playground slide when I was 7 or 8 and accidently bumped the nest with my head. There ensued an angry chase. I wasn't fast enough. 
So imagine my intense discomfort at the sight of one of those guys in my place of sleep. But this was not your normal, several centimeters large wasp. This was a trackerjacker. I was Katniss, this was the hunger games, and I didn't want to meet an end like Glimmer's. 
So when the insect flew into the closet I promptly shut the door and decided the clothes already on my floor would have to do for the next few days. The thing could sit in the dark and think about whose space it had invaded. And hopefully starve.
But it didn't starve. Days later, I bravely rummaged through my closet, packing clothes for Norman and Houston, and ran into the sucker. I grabbed the nearest flip flop, summoned my dragon-slaying skills, and vined its demise. 
I went to bed victorious, leaving the guts where they were smashed in hopes of warning any others who dared to trespass.
The carcass was in vain because the next morning, in the midst of my Bible reading, I glanced up to see ANOTHER one merrily making its way to my closet. 
I assumed the blasted A/C window unit must have a crack. I gave it a cursory check, confident everything was in place. But wait...what was the dark mass in the corner of the window panes? Did some leaves get stuck? Oh. It's moving. And buzzing. It was the hub of waspdom. A NEST in. my. room. 

It wasn't even 7 AM and I needed a drink. 
Disregarding the warning on the insect poison "for outdoor use ONLY," I literally made it rain Raid down the windowpane. I probably should have shaken the container a few more times, as the liquid was an actual stream, spattering the wall and window, but killing the invaders. Upon the completion of my duty, the Raid can was noticeably lighter. Almost empty actually. 
I regret nothing.
I left the door to the room open all day, as to permeate and poison the rest of the house. 
Later, I removed the nest from its lodged place inside my window and disposed of the hollow home, complete with wasp larvae. 
I was anticipating the royal birth, just not of the flying, stinging variety. 
The whereabouts of the second closet trackerjacker are still unknown. A Very Lucky Girl is just hoping not to find a second nest in the closet. 


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