5 dolla make ya holla

I saw a pin on Pinterest about a year or so ago about a woman who saved five dollar bills in a jar for a year. Every single fiver she received in change or whatever, she saved. Never spent. She ended up with enough money to take a luxurious vacation, just from the fives she saved instead of spending.
I decided to take a cue from her in November. I started saving every five from my Fuzzy's tip money, every five I was given in change from a cashier.
I've saved at least six hundred dollars this way.
Sometimes I get frustrated when I pay with a twenty dollar bill and receive multiple fives in change. But then...that money is still going to be doing something good for me. Just not immediately.
The principle of delayed gratification is important to me. 
Every five that has touched my hands in the past 8-9 months has gone straight to savings. 
A Very Lucky Girl is a saving addict and proud of this self-instilled habit. 


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