An Affair of the Hartsock: Excuses

I truly have negative time to watch, let alone write about, the first week of the "two week Bachelorette finale, most dramatic ever" tonight! I'm so very sorry, but I think I have some good reasons. 
This week is one of the busiest of my entire summer. My dad moves to Houston on Wednesday morning so I want to be free just in case I have any extra time to spend with him before he leaves me in Oklahoma. So much sad face. 
I work Monday through Thursday and leave for Vegas at 7:05 PM on Thursday evening. I'm hoping to find some time to pack on Tuesday night. 
This is the last week of my online Sociology of Gender class and we have a test I need to take between Thursday morning and Friday night. I'm hoping to squeeze it in between work and leaving for the airport on Thursday. Studying will have to be done while the kids have swim practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
I'll see Tyler for the last time for two weeks in Norman on Wednesday night and also need to pick up a check from the bursar while I'm in town. Isn't it so cool when your school gives YOU money?!
Miscellaneous trips to the bank and other errands will need to squeezed in around these necessities. 
Consider this post my formal apology for also not recapping next week's episode. As soon as I return from Vegas late, late Sunday night, I'll need to catch brief naps while I do laundry so I can leave for Nashville, Tennessee at 6 AM at the latest. #soloroadtrip2013 
Which means I'll be spending next Monday evening with one of my dearest friends, Carra! I know we will be watching the final finale, but I will have zero desire (or energy) to write about it when I can use the rare time to catch up with my childhood bestie. 
Please don't hold it against A Very Lucky Girl! I'm going to guess all of the guys get sent home by Des and she is still Single Sally at the end of this saga. And in order to make us not hate her for putting us through this season only to have no fiance at the end, ABC is going to depict scene after scene of running mascara.
Trust me, you don't even need to watch. I just saved you 5 hours of life. 


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