Adventures in Nannying: Christmas Break Edition Ep. 1

"I'd really like it if the Mexicans would keep the oil lids on more tightly so nothing would spill out into the Gulf of Mexico and kill the animals"--musings from Brother
For those of you that missed out on the shenanigans of Brother and Sister from my summer full-time nannying experience, you can catch up here. ThereAnd here. Okay shameless blog promotion stops now. I'm scheduled to work for them only 6 full days during this break (the kids start school again on January 4th!? What is that madness?!), but those days already promise to provide fresh entertainment for me. And consequently, you.

I walked in their door this morning (fueled with a java chip frappucino) and was immediately handed a large Christmas present. "Our elf on the shelf left this for you!" Oh no. They're one of THOSE families... (I'm still not sure where they stand on the whole is-Santa-real situation, but this wasn't a good sign. Neither were the "top secret" notes I found in the hands of their creepy elf lounging in a Christmas stocking.) Not one to turn down gifts, even ones from sketchy dolls, I ripped into the wrapping and discovered an adorably, cuddly tie blanket--made by the kids themselves. Which probably means they lovingly wiped their snot on the soft fleece. 

After a nutritionist's dream breakfast-chocolate chip waffles and fruit loops-they taught me how to play UNO Spin. Seriously, I think UNO has been revamped about 18 different times now. What happened to regular UNO? It must feel so unloved...We had the Toy Story edition when I was growing up. Also, let me just say that I haven't played UNO in about 7 years. I'm more of a Phase 10 kinda girl. There were a few adamant "Taylor, you forgot to say UNO"'s. However, that didn't happen too often because I tended to hover more toward the vientiseis mark. 


Bedlam Tepee

I brainstormed what to do to occupy their days and thought I was brilliant for coming up with gingerbread house crafting. Until I saw the entire gingerbread village sitting in their living room. So much for finding an easy time-filler. Apparently they consider gingerbread building to be a nearly daily activity though, you know breakfastlunchgingerbreadhousedinner, so we attempted. And failed miserably. I detest those store bought kits (kits typo-ed into kids. Giggle). The Bedlam idea was inspired, just not executed to excellence. 

Quick question, at what age is it appropriate for children to start applying deodorant? Yesterday? A Very Lucky Girl might gift some stocking stuffers...


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