Talking to Stranger

I was sitting in the Starbucks on Campus Corner during dead week, snatching a few extra minutes of studying before heading out into the brisk night, when a stranger haphazardly approached me.
Our conversation transpired as follows:

Would you switch seats with me?
Uhhh why?
Cuz I want to sit by the window.
[nervous laughter] Well so do I.
can I sit with you then? [indicates the entirely separate table merely shoved up against mine by a prior customer]
Uh yeah you can sit there, it's fine. [buries head in notes, hoping to deflect any further advances]

What's your name? Is that what I think it is? [touches rape whistle on my keychain laying on the table]
Yep, it's a rape whistle. [not so subtle emphasis on the rape]
Oh. so what's your name again?
What do you do?
I go to school
Oh I dropped out in 10th grade and got my GED. i might go to OCCC in january though.
My boyfriend went there. [quick insert of boyfriend line. GOT EM.]
Oh cool. What's he doing now?
Going to school. Working at best buy. [Learning kung fu. You know, the usual. GET AWAY DO  YOU NOT READ BODY LANGUAGE?]
Okay well I'll see you later. It was nice meeting you.
Yeah, you too... [crosses fingers]

A Very Lucky Girl doesn't interact well with strange strangers. 


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