Almost 7 Months: Tyler's Side of the Story

So I mentioned in a previous post that Tyler would be guest writing to share his side of who he has found me to be, in rebuttal to my sharing the observances of him in a post that celebrated our 6 months together. He emailed me his words, complete with pictures, for your enjoyment.
I'm sure that everyone who regularly reads Taylor’s blog has a pretty good idea of who Taylor Arceneaux is, but I’d like to give you a little inside scoop of what I’ve learned about her over these last seven months.
Taylor Olivia Arceneaux was born on July 1, 1992 in Bloomington, Indiana to two spectacular parents, Paul and Shari “Sharbear” Arceneaux. She has one younger brother named Oakes who will be graduating from Heritage Hall this year. And I can’t forget her wonderful grandparents (with a free meal from Slim Chicken's and Longhorn Steakhouse, wonderful might be selling them a little short.)
She has lived in Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma over the last twenty years, which may or may not have contributed to her adventurous spirit and desire to study abroad in the Spring of 2014.
She likes to eat chicken sandwiches with a knife and fork, throwing away the top piece of bread and all the vegetables underneath, using the bottom slice of bread as a cutting board.  Salads are eaten chips and dip style, omelets are served with egg whites and bacon only, and Parmesan cheese comes with a side of pizza.

Salt is a staple
On the sweeter side of things, she likes Warheads, Lemonheads, and Sour Skittles. And let's not forget Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate with caramel! I’ll be 100% honest, it’s probably done more for our relationship than I could ever dream of doing!

If she’s not busy watching “How I Met Your Mother”, you might find her cutting the tags out of her newly purchased clothes (most likely purchased online… I wonder where she got that from, PAUL…). She loves to write and, as everyone reading this knows, is very gifted in that area. And as many of you read in her last blog about me, she’s extremely gifted in the area of tickling… like seriously good. Like the Kevin Durant of tickling.
She is still undecided on the specifics of her career but believes it will involve literature in some way. God has definitely lined up her passions with her talents and undeniably has big plans for her. She’s improving her abilities day by day and is setting an example for all of us to follow.
I'd like to use this last paragraph to formally accept A Very Lucky Girl's six month extension... On one term... it's a minimum! Where's the dotted line?


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