teach me how to Dundee

It's very humbling to come to a brand new (to me) country, that is in fact older than my own country, and interact with several different cultures at once. Classes don't start until Monday, but I've already gathered a wealth of facts that I never knew before.
  1. Boots are not the most comfortable shoes to get lost in
  2. It's never too soon to watch Orange Is The New Black with a new friend and then comment on the phallic shaped crackers in our soup. Thanks Nat. 
  3. Time changes are the bane of my existence. You mean I have finished lunch and my American friends have barely touched breakfast? 
  4. Always carry a grocery bag with you because you never know when you might come across Tesco/Poundland/Lidl and suddenly need to grocery shop. On a related note, large market trips are impossible. 
  5. Lemon vodka is the direct equivalent of Smirnoff ice and I will continue to drink it shamelessly. Sluuuurp.
  6. Don't believe Aussie's when they tell you they live in fear of the dropbear (koala with fangs). They are completely lying and inwardly laughing at all of the North Americans who gasped in horror. They also won't tell you they lied until the next day after you've shared your misinformation with several other people. 
  7. The 2x2 foot shower is not conducive to shaving. Therefore, I haven't since December 31st. I literally haven't shaved my legs this year. 
  8. If you put 10+ girls in a room with Magic Mike on Netflix, they will not drool all over the screen as one might think. Instead, they will expertly carry on about four different conversations, pausing only for certain dancing scenes. 
  9. Smarties (America), Rockets (Canada), and Fizzlers (UK) are the same type of sweet. Damn candy politics. 
  10. The hike to Dundee law is not as terrible as it looks and the views are worth it a million times over. I can't believe I live in such a scenic city. 
  11. Every kitchen appliance requires the flipping of a certain switch before it will properly cook food. I learned this after about 30 minutes of willing my pizza to bake in a cold oven. 
  12. Spending pounds still doesn't feel like spending real money. Do I want that to change? Unsure. 
  13. Walking is the new driving. Everyone is doing it.
  14. Canadians pronounce pasta: p-ahh-stah as opposed to p-awh-stah. 
  15. You'd think bacon flavored chips would be delightful but you would be tragically wrong.
  16. Even if no one in the group is from Alabama, the entire pub will stomp, dance, and yell the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama even in Dundee, Scotland.
  17. Canadian James calls toilet paper shit-tickets and it might catch on. 
  18. If Brazilian Felipe sings at Open Mic Night at Duke's Corner there's a high probability of it being so beautiful I might almost cry. 
  19. It costs nearly five American dollars to do laundry so I'm washing all of my underwear and socks in the sink. And doing real laundry MAYBE once a month. 
  20. I received my class schedule this afternoon and GUESS WHO DOESN'T HAVE CLASS ON FRIDAYS?! This girl. I can leave after my class on Thursdays gets out at noon and travel somewhere for some of the weekends. 
I also learned my address so feel free to send me mail/care packages/dragons/etc!
Taylor Arceneaux
Flat 35 Room 2
Belmont Flats
76 Old Hawkhill
Dundee DD1 4HE

Much obliged,
A Very Lucky Girl. 


  1. I'm seriously dying. I cant with this. Tesco! Scotland! Lemon Vodka!

    Also I don't think I shaved my legs all summer because of those showers.....

    I might have to stop reading, because I'm so freakin jealous of you!


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