Ready or Not

"She is whatever she wants to be...She's got the world at her fingertips."--Ben Rector
I've never been more proud of anything in my life than I am that I'm hours away from sitting on an airplane bound for Europe. 
I dreamed of studying abroad since high school, fleeting thoughts of "oh, how cool would that be!"
I thought a little more seriously about the prospect when college came around, but I didn't intensely pursue it until a year and a half ago. 
And a year and a half I am.
Ready or Not, Here I Come. 

I worked and saved money, I filled out applications, I got advised twice for good measure, I scanned documents, I made copies of valuable papers, I went to the dentist, I sat at a kitchen table and counted pills to make sure my prescriptions would last for six months. I said my goodbyes, some hard, some flippantly easy. 

I did this. I made my dream come true. 

I know my time studying in Dundee, Scotland will pass far too quickly, and although I want to remember everything, I don't want to document it to death. I want to integrate into an unfamiliar culture.

"I want to experience where I am and what I'm seeing, not view it only through the eye of a camera, for canned viewing later."--Paris in Love

My phone will deactivate as of January 4th until I return to America. Until then, I will try to regularly check and update Facebook. You may also reach me via email ( or Skype (tay10105). 

How does it feel to be A Very Lucky Traveler? I'll let you know. 


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