Ice Breaking

Based on the past few days, I've learned that an unfamiliar situation in which no individual has an upperhand in the ways of the culture is a surefire way to make friends. I cannot even count on one hand how many people I've met and names I've learned in the past two days BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY!
I went to a welcome reception last evening where they served wine (hey, OU, take a hint) and I bonded with people I'd never met in my life. 
Nat, Laura, Keira, Erin, etc. are women I'm going to know FOREVER. My friend circle has grown enormously in the past day, from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between. 
I sat in a circle with Erin, Nat, Kylie, and Laura last night while we traded stories of mysterious flatmates and horrific jet lag. Our group grew when Keira from Canada and several girls from the Netherlands took the initiative and pulled their chairs up to ours. 
I'm so glad they did!
We came up with the idea for a facebook group for all of us studying abroad and we are rapidly adding new members as soon as we meet them! "Hi, yes I'm Taylor, from America, here type your name into my Facebook app and find yourself so we can all hang out later."
Nat, Kylie, and I broke for our first Scottish pub experience at braes where I ordered spicy fries and a cocktail. Without being id'd. I can dig it. Kylie, being only 20, was able to order her very first legal drink!
I couldn't fall asleep until 5 AM this morning, but I'm hoping by tomorrow my sleep schedule will be completely set on Dundee time! The fact that the sun sets at 4 pm and doesn't rise until 9 am or later isn't helping.
This morning, the chat fest continued at another welcome reception with gorgeous views of rainy Dundee, where Erin met another fellow Australian, Margie, and we were introduced to a whole host of Brazilians with a penchant for parties. Rumor has it Flat 13 has been dubbed the "love flat" and will be open for partying all semester long. 
Seven of us girls traipsed through the streets today to register with a local GP (free healthcare) and explore Overgate Shopping Center. Primark is amazing and I invested in a red throw blanket to add to my single duvet and a red bathmat. Also a water bottle to replace my lost Camelbak. RIP. All for less than 10 pounds!
I've always thought of myself as a "few close friends" type of person. Not that I'm unfriendly to strangers by any means, but in America I typically think of my friend bank as full. No room for more.
I'm discovering that there is ALWAYS room for more and friends are something A Very Lucky Girl cannot have enough of. Thankful to Dundee for the lesson. 


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