no one in America has class like us

I hope you sang the title in your best "no one on the corner has swagga like us" rendition.
I love my class schedule! Oh, pardon me, my module schedule. Classes are modules here and a major is your course of study. Slowly learning the lingo.
On Mondays, Daniel teaches Scottish Literature from 1-3 pm in Dalhousie. And I am telling you right now that I will not miss a single class. For one, there are only 11 weeks of module instruction! Therefore, I only have 9 more of those classes! Tragedy. I could listen to his accent for an entire day. Weeks. But I'll take the two hours I get every Monday. I find it infinitely easier to pay attention to what is being taught when it is pleasant to listen to.
Also occurring on a weekly Monday morning basis is the fire alarm for Belmont Flats. Similar to how the tornado siren is tested every Saturday at noon in Oklahoma, someone tests the fire alarm at 11 am every Monday. I expect Nat to remind me every week so that I don't pee my freshly sink-washed pants every Monday morning.

Tuesdays, I have Shakespeare lecture in Dalhousie from 9-10 AM and Wednesdays, Shakespeare tutorial from 10-11 AM in Tower Building. On occasional Thursdays I will have a Shakespeare screening from 9-12 AM on Thursdays in Dalhousie, but they apparently aren't weekly and won't start until later on in the semester near the end of February or early March.
And, of course, Fridays are always wide open.
I'm sure I'll settle into a routine soon enough, but the fact remains that I am only sitting in class for, at the most, 7 hours a week, and at the least, 4 hours. Wednesday afternoons will probably become grocery shopping days and after welcome events die down on weekends, I'll start venturing outside of the city for further exploration!
I think most of my learning this semester will be outside of the classroom realm. Surrounded by so much history all of the time is turning me even more into A Very Lucky nerdy Girl. 


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